Siena/Francis House
Homeless Shelter

The region's largest shelter providing food, shelter,
clothing and hope to homeless men, women and children





Current Statistics


Siena/Francis House Homeless Shelter continues to provide services to the homeless in record numbers. In 2016, the Siena/Francis House served 417,226 meals and provided 189,276 overnight stays to the 3,846 homeless men, women and children who showed up at our door. On average in 2016, the Siena/Francis House served 1,140 meals each day, and provided a bed (or a mattress or a chair in our overflow shelter areas) to over 517 persons each night, in facilities which have 389 total beds. In addition, the Siena/Francis House's Day Services Center helped 184 homeless families and individuals achieve stable housing outside of our shelter in 2016. The Siena/Francis House continues to provide more meals and more nights of shelter to homeless men, women and children than all other Omaha homeless shelters.


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2017 Year-to-Date Statistics



2016 Overnight Stays 

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2016 Detailed Statistics