Siena/Francis House
Homeless Shelter

The region's largest shelter providing food, shelter,
clothing and hope to homeless men, women and children








Employment Training and Education


The Siena/Francis House homeless shelter understands the importance of providing real world work experience to the men and women who stay in our shelter or treatment center. As such, Siena/Francis House maintains an in-house employment training program. All of the services and programs offered at our shelter are staffed with person in this employment training program, including: kitchen and meal preparation; front desk; maintenance; loading dock; and Day Services Center. Persons in the Siena/Francis House’s Employment Training Program gain valuable work experience, which helps build confidence as they seek future employment opportunities outside of the shelter.


For more information on our job training program, contact – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



"It breaks my heart seeing kids drop out of school. I've been there. It almost destroyed me. Siena/Francis House gave me a chance to finish my education and make something out of myself. I want to give that same gift to others." 


Beyond providing food, shelter, and clothing. Siena/Francis House is dedicated to providing a means of education to our guests. This helps to break the cycle of homelessness.