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Rehousing & Reintegration Services

Case Management

Once people fall into the confusing world of homelessness, it is extraordinarily difficult to navigate their way out, on their own. The “cycle of homelessness” begins when their hope is lost, and hope is lost all too soon for persons who are homeless. In order to address the problem of homelessness – and to end the cycle of homelessness one person at a time – Siena Francis House operates our Services Center, located at 1401 N 18th St.

Our case workers located in the Services Center, work closely with the homeless persons who come to the center, gaining their trust, in order to begin addressing the problems that caused them to be homeless in the first place. Our staff provides services and resources individuals need, or puts them in touch with other organizations that can be of assistance. These services and resources include:

  • Affordable and appropriate housing
  • Employment and educational opportunities
  • Money management skills
  • Services targeted to veterans of our armed forces
  • Domestic violence counseling
  • Addiction counseling
  • Treatment for mental illness
  • Medical health care
  • General assistance
  • Identification cards
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