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Siena Francis House COVID-19 Preparedness Statement

Siena Francis House is aware that homelessness may place individuals at greater risk of exposure from infectious diseases, including COVID-19. We are committed to preventing and managing the spread of this virus among our guests and staff members.

Prevention & Planning

Siena Francis House is doing its best to prevent transmission of the virus by implementing the following:

• Infection control measures that include vigorous and frequent disinfection in all facilities, particularly in “high touch” areas.

• Mandatory education for staff on disease transmission, proper handwashing and use of personal protective equipment

• Trauma-informed communication with guests around prevention and procedures

• Coordination of care for guests experiencing illness

• Contingency plan for meal service

• Contingency plan for volunteer service

Response to Infection

Siena Francis House leadership has a detailed response for guests who become ill from COVID-19. The following is included in this plan:

• Identification of community partners and resources for testing and care of ill individuals

• Relocation and quarantine of ill individuals, if necessary

• Personal protective equipment for staff who may be assisting ill individuals

• Reporting of suspected or known cases as recommended by the Douglas County Health Department


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