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The Siena Francis House is proud to have been awarded national and local community “high achieving” citations, signifying that our organization reflects the highest standards of conduct and utilizes the nonprofit sector’s “best practices” in the service of those who seek assistance.


Donors to charitable organizations are appropriately interested in knowing that their financial support is used efficiently, ethically and responsibly, to which the Siena Francis House is absolutely committed. Please take a moment to review Charity Navigator’s – America’s largest independent charity evaluator – recent evaluation of the Siena Francis House. Click HERE to read why the Siena Francis House has once again earned Charity Navigator’s highest – 4-Star – rating for fiscal responsibility, and why they have the confidence to award our shelter with their highest, “exceptional” designation. 


The Nonprofit Association of the Midlands strengthens the collective voice, leadership, and capacity of nonprofit organizations, enriching the quality of community life throughout Nebraska and Western Iowa. The Siena Francis House is a proud member of NAM, and is committed to their mission and goals:
Enhance public recognition of the importance and role of the nonprofit sector to the people of Nebraska.
Provide access to high quality assistance and information on effective nonprofit management and practices.
Advocate on issues that affect the capacity of all nonprofits to address their communities’ needs.
Foster communication and cooperation among nonprofits.
Click HERE to learn more information about NAM.


The Nonprofit Association of the Midlands offers participating members the opportunity to be awarded their Best Practices Partnership citation, which the Siena Francis House has achieved. This achievement involves organizations taking NAM’s Guidelines & Principles Assessment, designed to help identify organizational strengths and challenges to effectively plan for the future. This Best Practices Partnership reflects that the Siena Francis House is on a path to nonprofit excellence and declares compliance with all legal requirements and current best practices across the sector, including practices that are required to receive external funding and critical to demonstrate professional accountability to the public, stakeholders, and prospective donors. Click HERE to learn more about NAM’s Best Practices Partnership and their Guidelines & Principles Assessment.

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