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Miracles Recovery Program

In pursuing our ultimate goal of breaking the cycle of homelessness – one person at a time – Siena Francis House provides a residential addiction recovery program, aptly named Miracles Recovery Program.

The Miracles Recovery Program is a residential addiction recovery program for persons who commit to take this major life step. Based on the traditional 12-Step recovery model, this program is open to any adult (19 years of age, or older) man or women who sincerely wants help in changing his or her life by abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

Any person who desires to participate in the Miracles Recovery Program must be willing to commit to stay at least 120 days in our residential program.

To achieve our goal of breaking the cycle of homelessness, our first step is to encourage homeless persons to get off the streets and into our overnight shelter. We then encourage our guests to consider a life of sobriety by entering into our residential drug and alcohol Miracles Recovery Program, involving individual and group counseling sessions, as well as other life-skill educational opportunities.

In creating an environment in which our clients might find successful sobriety in their lives, we also involve all members of the Miracles Recovery Program in our organization’s job training program. Assigning each recovery program participant a job in the functioning of our shelter cultivates — in them — the kind of personal responsibility required to lead a productive life.

This has proven to be an excellent motivating factor, with many guests in our overnight shelter anxious to join those in our recovery community and to acquire job skills and training, all in a sober environment. Through daily interactions with persons who are in the Miracles Recovery Program, our homeless guests who are still caught in the cycle of chronic addiction and homelessness can see clear evidence of the potential to regain control over their own lives by possibly entering this program.

As a person in our recovery program becomes successful in all aspects of his/her recovery, we finally help him/her understand and overcome the obstacles related to obtaining housing and employment, in order to successfully manage his or her life in such an environment, after finishing and graduating from our recovery program.

Siena Francis House's belief is that, by finding value and untapped abilities in people society has overlooked, we help them find value in themselves. By providing persons in the Miracles Recovery Program with counseling, education, job training, and life and independent living skills, we furnish them the tools that will help them recover from, and successfully manage the problems that brought them to the doors of our organization in the first place.

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