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Emergency Services

Emergency Shelter for Men and Women

Siena Francis House’s emergency shelter is located at 1117 North 17th Street. The new facility opened in December 2019 and provides 350 beds for men and 100 beds for women, in separate dormitories. All guests in this facility must be 19-years-old or older.

The shelter is designed with each guest's dignity in mind. The dormitories are subdivided into sleeping areas of 28 beds, reducing the scale from the too-often-seen dorm that sleeps hundreds. The restroom facilities are sized well beyond code, providing an appropriate amount of time for each guest to use, daily. The dining area and adjacent community/common are spaces are sized to alleviate cramped conditions. Sufficient daylight is brought in with ample windows, although high enough to provide privacy for guests.

In addition to sleeping and dining areas, the new facility offers case management/counseling offices, kitchen, clothing distribution room and easily accessible loading dock.

For more information on emergency shelter, please call 402-341-1821 or email:

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