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Rehousing & Reintegration Services

Health Care Clinic

Access to quality health care for our guests is a high priority goal of Siena Francis House. To this end, Siena Francis House has dedicated clinic space within our facilities, and partners with local health care providers to achieve this goal. The Visiting Nurse Association (VNA), Charles Drew Health Center, Creighton University Medical Center & Medical School, and Community Alliance utilize these clinic areas and provide medical and mental health care services to our guests.

The VNA provides two shelter nurses who are essentially the most primary health care providers to the homeless guests who stay at our shelter. These two shelter nurses are on site at Siena Francis House three days a week.

The non-profit organization Charles Drew Health Center operates an on-campus medical clinic located in our Baright Shelter, 1111 North 17th Street. Charles Drew medical professionals see homeless guests 5 days a week

The Creighton University Medical Center & Medical School provide professional and medical student staff for their Magis Clinic, also located in our Baright Shelter. T

Siena Francis House partners with another non-profit organization, Community Alliance, which provides mental health care services to our homeless guests.

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