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Emergency Services


Siena Francis House is the largest meal provider to the homeless in the State of Nebraska. In 2018, Siena Francis House provided 431,533 meals to more than 3,500 hungry individuals who were homeless at our shelter last year. The following meals comprise our shelter’s Meal Program:

  • Breakfast
  • Brunch on Sundays and all major holidays
  • Midday Lunch/Sack Lunches
  • Evening Dinner

Each year, Siena Francis House partners with nearly 450 local grocery stores, food production companies, schools, businesses, churches, and households to provide the vast majority of the food used to prepare these meals. Similarly, Siena Francis House partners with over 350 local churches, schools, businesses, and households to prepare and serve these meals. These relationships allow Siena Francis House the ability to serve the profound number of persons who come to us in need of food. These relationships also allow us to keep our Meal Program costs as low as possible.

 For more information on food donations, contact –

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